Instant Monsters Foam Latex Prosthetics

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Customer Gallery

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Undead Queen makeup using Ghoul
Stephanie Addams has turned "Ghoul" into a spectacular undead queen!


Ghoul and Witch
Claristafa Mustafa and her husband scaring the neighborhood with "Ghoul" and "Goblin/Witch!"


Fire Demon makeup using gelatin cubes
Jason Hesch uses our gelatin cubes (and some great contact lenses) to transform into a soldier who has been possessed by a fire demon.


Suesan Klimowicz looking pretty creepy wearing "Goblin/Witch."


Burn makeup using gelatin cubes
Jesica Pugh and her award-winning burn victim costumes, created using our gelatin cubes.


Uruk-hai makeup using Orc
Sebastien Robichaud is searching for the ringbearer with the help of our "Orc" prosthetic.


Creepy Nun using Mr. Giggles and Eyesore
One hell of a creepy nun, courtesy of John Michaels.


Zombie 2 used in a beach photo shoot
"Zombie 2" (no longer available) is out catching some sun...and possibly a meal.
Hair & makeup by Brenda Poole & Colleen Griffin, photography by Jessica Beebe.


Evil Skull used as Skeletor
"Evil Skull" appears as Skeletor in the Masters of the Universe fan-film "The Wizard of Stone Mountain."


Zombie 2 used for a film
An actor ready to raise some hell with "Zombie 2." (No longer available) Makeup by Jason Zentner.


Custom zombie using Mr. Giggles, Eyesore and Disease Rot
Mark Roma combining "Mr. Giggles" and "Eyesore" into a unique (and unsettling) zombie.


Snake Man vs Harry Potter
Robert Pippin wearing "Snake Man" to the new Harry Potter movie.


Evil Skull performs with a band onstage
Chris Nowak wearing "Evil Skull" as his band performs.


Ghoul and Mr. Giggles combined into a custom zombie
"Ghoul" and "Mr. Giggles" combined into a custom zombie on Colin Eason.